All GWH Members and Board of Management must support our Statement of Purpose and Philosophy.

2.1.1 To maintain a Regional Women’s Health that is community-based and run by women for women in the Gippsland Region as defined by the Department of Health and amended from time to time.

2.1.2 To promote women’s health through education and sharing of information, skills and support.

2.1.3 To promote a health system that treats women with dignity and respect.

2.1.4 To actively encourage and support women in seeking and exercising ultimate control, responsibility and choice in decision-making about their health.

2.1.5 To provide health services and programs, which recognize women’s whole life span and the various roles that women may have throughout their lives.

2.1.6 To ensure that the Association is responsive to the needs of women who experience disadvantage and discrimination.

2.1.7 Work to improve women’s health and wellbeing through participation,
collaboration and partnerships with women, the community, women’s services and other organisations.

2.1.8 To foster community awareness and action about women’s health issues.

2.1.9 To promote education and training of health workers to develop awareness of women’s health issues.

2.1.10 To promote and support ongoing research about women’s health issues.

2.1.11 To promote awareness of and be responsive to environmental factors affecting women’s health.

2.1.12 To promote equal access and equity for all women using the health care system.

2.1.13 To improve the quality of health care for women by influencing the policy and practice of health and/or related agencies.

2.1.14 To engage in charitable and/or benevolent activities which are consistent with these purposes.

2.1.15 Through the application of a health promotion framework incorporating the social model of health, prevent illness, disease and injury and promote independence, health and wellbeing using a variety of interventions.