Gippsland Family Violence Alliance (GFVA) is the Gippsland’s Regional integration Committee which is the local governance structure that has been underpinning the delivery of family violence reform for well over a decade in Gippsland.

Established in 2006, Family Violence Regional Integration Committees (FVRICs) were established to improve the integration of services, playing a vital role in the transformation of Victorian service delivery and community responses to family violence. Since their inception FVRICs have played a system leadership role focussed on increasing the safety of victim survivors and accountability of perpetrators.

The recommendations of the 2016 Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) have driven far-reaching reform within the Victorian family violence service system. Regional integration plays a critical role in implementing the reform agenda, and in recognition of this Family Safety Victoria has released new guidelines for Family Violence Integration Committees, which outline five new Strategic Priority Areas.

In 2023, 13 FVRICs operate across the 17 Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) Areas. Funding is provided by FSV to support their operation including the co-ordination role of the Principal Strategic Advisor (PSA) positions and area-based projects. Gippsland has one PSA for the Gippsland area.

The Gippsland Family Violence Alliance has 36 member agencies, including specialist family violence, homelessness, mental health, AoD, health and government agencies, who work across Inner and Outer Gippsland. We cover the largest geographic area in the state to coordinate the service system to respond and support those who experience family violence and to assist those using violence to address their behaviour.

The Gippsland Family Violence Alliance is auspiced by Gippsland Women’s Health, who supports the facilitation and implementation of the Gippsland Family Violence Alliance and its strategic priorities. Gippsland Women’s Health, is a member of the GFVA Executive Team and has played a key role in chairing meetings, manages brokerage attached to the GFVA; and provides operational support, human resource and information technology to the GFVA Team.
The Gippsland Family Violence Alliance offers training, resources, information for both those seeking assistance and for practitioners and leaders in the family violence and wider community service and healthcare sectors.

Please visits their website to learn more https://gippslandfamilyviolencealliance.com.au/