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    Our Team Contacts

    CEO Kate Graham

    Chief Executive Officer

    Jade Willox

    Executive Assistant to the CEO

    Jo Harris

    Chief Financial Officer

    Melanie Brown

    Regional Manager Health Promotion & Prevention

    Elissa Duck

    Acting Communications and Marketing Manager

    Samantha Foat

    Digital Communications Coordinator

    Tegan Little

    Communications Coordinator - Graphic Design

    Fiona Passarin

    Regional Capacity Building Coordinator

    Fay Wilde

    Regional Coordinator Health Promotion

    Marleigh Andrews

    Health Promotion Worker - Sexual and Reproductive Health

    Leanne Fairbrother

    Health Promotion Worker

    Megha Gupta

    Health Promotion Officer - Community Partnerships

    Lauren Daly

    Outcomes and Evaluation Coordinator

    Alex Brown

    Administration Health Promotion and Prevention

    Cathleen Staats

    Gippsland Free From Violence Coordinator

    Kerry Walker

    Finance Worker

    Dr. Sue Barker

    Board Chair

    Alisha Gilliland

    Deputy Chair

    Jenny O’Neill


    Dr. Leanne Habeeb

    Board Secretary

    Alissa Wallace

    Board Member

    Jessica Saunders

    Board Member

    Emily Harris

    Board Member

    Madeleine Forbes

    Board Member

    Rosemary Joiner

    Board Member