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Featured | 8:30am - 4:00pm

Gippsland SRH Forum 2024

Gippsland Performing Arts Centre

32 Kay Street, Traralgon

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We are pleased to have Sexual Health Victoria joining us this year for two timely presentations:

  • Incorporating Pleasure into RSE – Comprehensive, best practice relationships and sexuality education (RSE) necessitates a pleasure-positive focus. Historical fear-based messaging around sex is both ineffective and unjust, denying young people the strengths-based approach to relationships and sexual decision making that they deserve.
  • Sexual Content Online – People of all ages can engage with sexual content online, either by accident or on purpose. Attempts to prevent young people from exposure are not comprehensive unless accompanied by clear discussions around the laws and ethics of sexual content online.

The team at Women’s Health Victoria are joining us to provide current, Gippsland specific Local Government Area (LGA) data on SRH indicators including STIs/BBVs, medical abortion and adolescent birthrates. The Atlas, updated three times per year, is a reliable source of sex-disaggregated health data to support women’s health and gender equality awareness, understanding and action at statewide, regional and local area level. This presentation will inform you how your LGA is tracking trends and access gaps across the region.

The forum will also feature an IUD (intrauterine devices) panel discussion –  everything you need to know about IUDs!

This discussion brings together practitioners and researchers from Gippsland and across the state to present the following:

  • What people REALLY want to know about Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) vs what is available
  • Research on experiences of insertion
  • Practice of insertion and discomfort/pain including use of the Penthrox inhaler (the green whistle) to improve comfort
  • Where to go in Gippsland for an affordable IUD
  • Answer all your IUD and contraceptive questions

There will be stalls, resources and networking opportunities – this event is one not to be missed!

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