Amber Dodd

Posted On: January 24, 2024

Amber is the Project Lead: Preventing Online Gendered Violence in Rural and Regional Victoria for GWH. Amber is tasked with leading and developing the implementation of this eAware project, through all phases of the project cycle through to delivery and evaluation.

Amber is an intelligence and cyber safety professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, graduate diploma in teaching and master’s degree in mathematics. Amber has worked in a variety of government and private sectors, including not-for-profits, and joined GWH in 2024 with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity, cyber awareness, and digital safety fields. Amber worked with a variety of local industry-based and nation-wide law-enforcement partners as a research graduate in a cybersecurity laboratory where she wrote and published several journal papers, presenting her research findings at numerous restricted law-enforcement conferences. Amber is a subject matter expert of criminality and violent offending, and most recently, worked with neurodiverse and disengaged youth, young offenders, and young adults to develop flexible education pathways. Amber is passionate about independence toward digital health and safety through raising awareness of digital safety issues, supporting digital resilience, and promoting responsible digital behaviour.

Amber grew up in outback Western Australia before relocating with her family to regional New South Wales and has since settled in Victoria. Amber is always cold and will often be seen on a beautiful summer’s day wearing a snow jacket or beanie as she takes her puggle Dexter on a walk. In her spare time, Amber can be found on the Yoga mat where she teaches a variety of Yoga styles and meditations in community, group, and private settings.