Family and gendered violence – we can all play a role

Posted On: June 16, 2023

Gippsland continues to be faced with challenges post bushfires and COVID and across a number of industries from our coal transition to renewables and our native forestry industry.

Women, men and children can be significantly impacted during major community events, industry transitions and in disasters.  Research undeniably shows us that family and gendered violence increases during and after these times.

But we cannot excuse family and gendered violence regardless of what is happening in our industries and communities.

We can all play a role in preventing family and gendered violence in our community.

We know that stress, environmental factors, natural disasters and crises, male-dominated settings and heavy alcohol consumption can contribute to family and gendered violence by reducing empathy, respect and concern for women and children.

Every member of our community has a role to play in asking about violence, connecting women and children to services they need and giving men options for expressing their emotions safely.

For further information please take the time to review the resources available at Gippsland Family Violence Alliance on the ‘Find Help’ and ‘What is family violence’ tabs or Gippsland Women’s Health Gippsland Women’s Health 

If you would like further information regarding training and education options to assist your community, please contact Fiona Passarin at Gippsland Women’s Health on Fiona.passarin@gwhealth.asn.au

Written by – Kate Graham, CEO, GWH | 16 June 2023