January 26: Change the Date

Posted On: February 27, 2023

The 26th of January is a day that represents a significant level of divisiveness for many across Australia.

For many it is a day of mourning.

GWH stand with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people calling to #changethedate. We acknowledge what this day represents for them and the importance of changing the date so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can mourn the loss of their land and their culture.

This year, GWH introduced providing our team with the option to continue working and instead acknowledge the public holiday on an alternative day of their choosing.

In Gippsland, we acknowledge the Gunaikurnai and Bunurong as the traditional custodians of the beautiful land and waters that we have the privilege to call home. GWH are committed to listening and learning and will be participating in the Cultural Awareness Training facilitated via GPHN by Jillian West (NOMUCKERLENER Indigenous Consulting and Mentoring) in May.

We will continue to amplify their voices here in Gippsland as we commit to respectful truth telling and working with our partners to improve the health and well-being of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Instead of celebrating on January 26, consider doing some of these things to show your support to #changethedate:

  • Educate yourself – Learn about the history of the people and the land that you live on. A great place to start – https://gunaikurnai.org/ or the Bunurong https://www.bunuronglc.org/
  • Show Up – find an event near you and use your voice! @deadlystory have an events calendar with events happening across Victoria.
  • Support Indigenous brands/artists or make donations – if your income allows – not just today, but every day.
    • Some great local artists to checkout @bumpymusic or @didjguyroland.
    • @djirravic do amazing work in supporting all Aboriginal people who are experiencing family violence or has experienced in the past. Support their work by making a donation.

We all need to do better in being supportive allies. Always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

#ChangeTheDate #InvasionDay #SurvivalDay #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe #AboriginalLand