Gender Equality and Gendered Violence Prevention leadership programs with Bass Coast Shire Council

Posted On: September 26, 2023

In September 2023, the GWH team undertook the first of two Gender Equality and Gendered Violence Prevention leadership workshops with the Bass Coast Councillors and Leadership team. 

The aim of the workshops is to equip Councillors and leadership teams with the knowledge and skills to promote and advance gender equality in local government, in alignment with the Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020 and the broader Victorian Gender Equality Strategy.

The first workshop covered issues including understanding Gender Equality and Gender Equity, defining and recognising gendered violence and the connection between gender inequality and discussing strategies to prevent gendered violence and workforce and gender including identifying barriers to gender equality in the workplace and strategies to promote gender equality.

The second workshop in October 2023 will focus on the Victorian Gender Equality Strategy and the Gender Equality Act and the roles and responsibilities of Local Government as defined entities under the Act.