Media Release: The state of women’s health and safety in Gippsland 2022-2023 Report Card

Posted On: September 12, 2023

Following extensive engagement and consultation in 2022 -2023 with individual women, organisations and communities, Gippsland Women’s Health (GWH) are providing their first annual Report Card on the state of women’s health and safety in Gippsland.

This report highlights:

  • The alarming and disproportionate rates of gendered and family violence across Gippsland communities – some of the worst rates in Victoria
  • The very concerning health and well-being status of women in Gippsland and the significant disadvantages women face in access to timely and placed-based health services
  • The work of GWH over the past 12 months and our plans for 2023 – 2024

The results from the 2022 – 2023 place-based consultation overwhelmingly, identified mental health, well-being and gendered violence as the most significant concerns, closely followed by a lack of access to health care services, General Practitioners (GPs), specialists and women’s health experts.

Affordability (of services), travel time, a lack of transport and isolation all contributed to the challenges in accessing services.

Gippsland women consistently reported that they are faced with a healthcare system that overwhelmingly does not listen to, acknowledge or understand the complexities and demands of women’s health and their lives.

The impact of climate change disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic, industry transition and regional transformation continue to compound women’s lives in Gippsland.

Kate Graham, CEO, Gippsland Women’s Health states: “The solution can be found by Gippsland leaders, industries and communities having the courage, the respect and the humility to acknowledge and facilitate equal treatment, access, opportunity and distribution of resources for women and girls – it is after all a fundamental human right.”

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