Let’s Chat Gippsland

Posted On: August 25, 2022

“Let’s Chat Gippsland” is a community based campaign across Gippsland as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and is focused on the primary prevention of violence against women.

Based on the Make the Link strategy, the campaign highlights the significant difference conversations can make – whether at home, work, sport, schools and within the wider community – in shifting mindsets, attitudes, and creating real cultural change for gender equality.

Let’s Chat Gippsland is a regional approach to prevention of violence. It’s aim is to raise awareness raising by inviting the community to be involved in conversations where they are able to learn more, challenge and be challenged about their existing beliefs about gender stereotypes and roles and ask questions to better their understanding about the drivers of gender based violence.

Let’s Chat Gippsland is underpinned by evidence-based actions to help prevent violence against women, girls and gender diverse people by:

  • Challenging the condoning (excusing or tolerating) of violence against women.
  • Promoting women’s independence and decision making
  • Challenging gender stereotypes and roles
  • Strengthening positive, equal and respectful relationships
  • Normalising gender equality in public and private life